PLEASE NOTE:  From 11 pm to 5 am we have a limited menu and prices may vary from our daytime menu.

Land & Sea Entrees

My Friends Restaurant is proud of our dinner selections from steaks, to chops to chicken and our wonderful choices of seafood.  Enjoy one of these hearty dinners but please save room for dessert.

Menu pricing revised April 2024

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All entrees served with a roll and butter and choice of two of the following:
Vegetable of the Day | Salad  | Cup of Soup  |  Cottage Cheese  | Cole Slaw

Pork Chops
Center cut boneless chops deliciously seasoned, cooked to perfection, and served with your choice of potato
$ 16.49

Honey Dipped Fried Chicken
Fried to a golden brown and served with choice of potato

Boston Strip Steak
USDA Choice traditional 10 oz. Boston Strip Steak cooked to your liking and garnished with lightly fried onion rings  $ 20.99

Steak & Shrimp
Traditional 8 oz. Boston strip steak paired with three fried shrimp. Garnished with lightly fried onion rings, served with choice of potato
$ 23.99

USDA Choice Baby Beef Liver
With grilled onions and choice of potato
$ 13.99

Grecian Style Angus Ground Beef Steak
Topped with feta cheese, roasted red pepper, and onions
$ 15.49

Chicken Breast
Marinated chicken breast with our special seasonings, served with choice of potato
$ 15.49

My Friend’s Homemade Meatloaf
Topped with homemade gravy and served with your choice of potato
$ 14.99

Chicken Piccata
Freshly prepared chicken breast sauteed with a delicious lemon sauce, mushrooms, and capers, served with a choice of potato or rice pilaf

Chicken Marsala
Chicken sauteed with mushrooms in a traditional Marsala wine sauce served with a choice of potato
$ 16.49

Three Cheese Fettuccine
Fettuccine pasta tossed with Mozzarella, Romano, and Parmesan cheeses, and sun-dried tomatoes
$  13.99
Add Chicken  $4.00, Add Shrimp $6.00

Penne Venetta
Penne pasta in a zesty Romano cream sauce, topped with freshly grilled sliced chicken breast, roasted red peppers, mushrooms, and spinach
$ 16.49

Shrimp Fresca
Linguine pasta tossed with sauteed shrimp, roasted red peppers, and assorted vegetables sauteed in olive oil and Romano cheese
$ 16.99

Marinated and served with assorted peppers and onions. Served over Rice Pilaf.  Steak  $ 20.99    Chicken  $16.99

Delicious Entrees at My Friends Restaurant in Cleveland

Seafood Corner

All entrees served with a roll and butter, and choice of potato or rice pilaf

Walleye Dinner
Crispy battered fried fillets and tartar sauce
$ 15.99

Jumbo  Shrimp Dinner
Crispy battered jumbo shrimp fried to a golden crisp and served with cocktail sauce
$ 15.99

Shrimp Stir Fry
Shrimp sauteed with stir-fry vegetables and
teriyaki sauce served over rice pilaf
$ 16.99

Lemon Pepper Scrod
Lightly seasoned Scrod grilled to perfection
$ 16.49

Fresh Grilled Salmon
Lightly seasoned salmon grilled to perfection
$ 18.99

Beer Battered Cod
Crispy battered fried fillets and tartar sauce
$ 15.99

Delicious Grilled Salmon at My Friends Restaurant in Cleveland

Sides & Beverages


Tossed Salad   3.99   |   French Fries   3.99

Home Fries   3.99   |   Cottage Cheese   3.29

Apple Sauce   or   Cole Slaw   3.29

Vegetable of the Day  3.29


Coffee, Decaf or Hot Tea   3.29
Assorted Flavored Tea   3.29
Hot Chocolate   3.29
Soft Drinks or Ice Tea (one refill)  3.29
Orange, Tomato, or Grapefruit Juice   3.69

My Friends Restaurant Coffee and Cake

We Deep Fry in Zero Trans Fat Free Oil 

 All prices are subject to change.
Check in-restaurant menu pricing before ordering.

Health Warning: Consuming raw or undercooked meats,
poultry, seafood, shellfish, or eggs may increase your risk of foodborne illness.