At My Friends Restaurant we take pride in the great homemade soups we offer our customers. While we can’t personally have your Mom here in the kitchen, we do put in time, attention and a bit of love into our soups. Whether it is Clam Chowder with chunks of clams and potatoes, tasty Matzoh balls, or a warming bowl of Italian Wedding Soup we are sure you will enjoy each of these selections. Here is our regular schedule of soups. Please understand that we may from time to time change these based on seasonal opportunities to obtain other fresh and/or locally grown ingredients.

All soups are available in either a cup or a bowl.

Monday: Navy Bean or Chicken Rosamarina

Tuesday: Split Pea or Chicken Noodle

Wednesday: Tomato Basmati Rice or Matzoh Ball

Thursday: Italian Wedding Soup or Lentil

Friday: Clam Chowder (rotates weekly from Manhattan to New England Style) or Chicken Pasta

Saturday: Vegetable (Variety of vegetables in beef broth) or Chicken Lemon Rice

Sunday: Beef Barley

Main Dining Room- My Friends Restaurant

Delicious Hot Soups at My Friends Restaurant in Cleveland